Sprouts are Often 30 Times More Nutritious Than the Mature Plant

By Sandra Weaver

Sprouts compared to their dry seed can be over 500% more nutritious in the important B vitamins.

Just soaking seeds overnight greatly increases the amount of both the B and C vitamins.

Germinated seeds, nuts and grains are composed of the highest quality balanced protein available, which unlike meat, is in a form the body can readily digest and absorb. Live plant proteins are naturally low in fat, and contain no cholesterol. Sprouted lentils are the richest single source of high quality protein. Sadly, only a small percentage of the population eats this simple food or gains their powerful benefits.

Even with one third of Americans obese, the majority of the population is slowly starving to death.

If Americans were to eat a diet rich in mature raw plant-based nutrients, they still may not get the minerals needed to assimilate the vitamins contained in the produce. Vitamins need balanced minerals to be absorbed effectively. It's these minerals that are not being replaced in modern factory farming practices. Bigger vegetables and fruits grown with chemical fertilizers are not better...they just contain more water with far less nutrients than their organically grown counterpart.

"The alarming fact is that foods - fruits, vegetables and grains - now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed nutrients are starving us - no matter how much we eat of them." US Senate Document 264 936

"More and more nutritional studies have linked many of today's most prevalent, life threatening chronic diseases - diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, bone loss, dementia to nutritional deficiencies." Nutritional Security Institute

These organizations are quick with a solution...take supplements. The problem is 90% of all supplements are synthetic, made from petrochemicals or other non-food items. The body can't absorb them and doesn't know what to do with them. They accumulate in tissues causing more harm than good. The body only recognized whole food supplements.

Harvested fresh foods start to degrade in nutrition the minute they're picked.

Much of the fresh produce today has travelled often 2,000 miles to get to your table. Even at its best, this fresh produce is still a week old.  Some of the vegetables, and most of the fruit is picked unripe or immature, because it lasts longer and travels better than the fresh ripe form at the peak of it's nutritional value. Freezing, processing, and cooking fresh fruits and vegetables denatures them, throwing off the natural balance of vitamins and minerals, because some of these nutrients are destroyed in the process.

"Vitamin C losses in vegetables stored at 4 degrees C for 7 days range from 15% for green peas to 77% for green beans. Losses of vitamin C during home cooking of fresh vegetables range from 15-55%...Vitamin C losses decreased by 10-90% during the canning of various vegetables...Vitamin C losses during freezing were slightly lower." Diane Barrett, PhD, University of California Davis, CA  

When you buy local or grow organic produce yourself, you come as close as possible to getting the nutrients nature intended. Fresh produce is a necessary part of any good diet. Even still the parent plant can't come close to the nutrition found in the same plant's germinated seeds grown in your own home.

"...few foods today require as little time, energy, and expense to produce yet yield so much nutrition. When used in abundance, sprouts have the power to keep your body young by giving your cells high-quality nourishment and helping to cleanse them of toxic waste." The Sprouting Book, by Ann Wigmore.

Sprouts not only nourish the body, but also help it to start the crucial detoxification process, which rids tissues of deadly toxic waste, heavy metals, drug reside, and putrified animal products stored in the tissues and GI tract. The body's been waiting for the proper nourishment and enzymes from a raw food diet to eliminate them. With the help of alkaline minerals found in sprouts, the body has the ammunition it needs to cleanse.

Humanity has produced and benefited from sprouts for thousands of years

Ancient manuscripts indicate that about 3,000 BC Chinese were eating bean sprouts. The Pen Ts'ao Kang Mu, a Chinese pharmaceutical work from the sixteenth century talks about the benefits of germinated seeds in reducing inflammation, rheumatism, dropsy, as a laxative, and to build and tone the body. Even today many of the countries in the Far East grow mung, adzuki, soy, wheat and barley seeds as part of their staple food supply.

Sailors during the 1799's grew sprouts onboard to ward off scurvy. They were used in India and other third world nations to help the malnourished population regain health and flourish quickly.

This living food could be used to help Americans to gain vibrant health and lose weight.  Their alkalizing power helps the body to purge highly acrid accumulations of fat. 

Growing these miniature plants is easy, enjoyable, economical and healthy.

Anyone can grow them too. It doesn't require gardening skills, because they grow inside jars, bags, trays, or colanders. There is no cheaper way to eat them, than to grow them yourself. Home grown makes them one of the most affordable and nutritious plant foods available. The process is similar for seeds, nuts and grains. 

The articles in this section will give you step-by-step instructions, seed sources, equipment needed, how-to-videos and even commercial producers when it's completed. See this chart with show soaking times, sprouting times and rinsing schedule and more.

All the energy and life force of a plant goes towards making its seeds. Each seed holds vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in reserve, which transform and multiply when the right temperature and water is introduced. Carbohydrates are transformed into simple sugars. Protein becomes simple amino acids, and fats change to fatty acids. Vitamin C and other vitamins increase in quantity and more naturally chelated minerals are absorbed from the water used for rinsing. 

The entire makeup of the seed changes, and it becomes much more nutritious and digestible. A massive flow of energy is released when a seed germinates. It's this influx of converted nutrients and life force that positively affects every cell in our bodies, making us leaner, more energized and improves our sleep. Increased physical activity will be a natural result. Goals will now look achievable, because you'll be more focused with greater mental clarity. When the body is nourished, everything works better.

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