Raw Food is Best Coupled with Cooked Vegan Food For Most People 

By Sandra Weaver

Raw food and its powerful nutrients protect us from the thousands of chemical pollutants, food additives, heavy metals, pesticides, GMO's, medicine residue, and other toxins, which we are bombarded with daily. It's the ideal plant-based diet for some that nature intended for us from the beginning. But, for most of us, cooked vegan food must be included as well, because raw food is harder to digest.

Andreas Moritz renowned health practitioner and bestselling author of many books including "Cancer is not a Disease" and "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush", has this to say about a 100% raw food diet. I highly respect his opinion and have personally benefited from his work:

A higher percentage of raw food in the summer is fine. More cooked is natural in the winter months.

Consuming all cooked food deprives the body of crucial enzymes found in raw food. Our body benefit from these enzymes to digest food and run our metabolism. But, for many, too much raw food is hard work for the body to digest, which can cause digestion to shut down as it did for me. Find your ideal amount of both raw and cooked.

For some too much raw warning signs are chronic digestive problems, gas, bloating, too much weight loss, loss the energy, and poor absorption of nutrients, especially in the winter months.

First the body has to heat the raw food. Then it has to break down the heavier fibers that cooking would have "pre-digested". Your body will tell you what percentage of raw and cooked is right for you...listen.

Herbivores have sliding jaw joints and flat, grinding back molars...and so do people.

These are horses teeth. Do they look familiar?

On a diet of animal products, processed foods and GMOs humanity can look forward to a future of more: 

obesity, chronic degenerative diseases, brain fog and mental disorders. Many of us have simply reached the tipping point where our bodies can no longer "save us" from ourselves, and drastic lifestyle changes may be necessary for our sakes and the environments.

The human colon wasn't designed for animal products. Animal products do not pass easily through the long twisted and indented human bowel meant for plant foods. Carnivore's bowels, on the other hand, were made to digest meat. They're short, smooth and straight for a quick exit of waste. Their digestive system also produces many times more acid to break down meat than humans.

Human teeth can't tear through hides and the flesh of dead animals. They would break off and fall out if we tried to eat flesh like a carnivore.

Americans eat almost double the daily recommended protein set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of protein per adult is 40-56 grams. Americans consume 109 grams average per day. This excess protein is difficult to digest and the body has to find a place for it. It ends up in the veins and arteries till the body can figure out what to do with it. It also putrefies in the the intestines and colon producing all sorts of digestive problems, and a breeding ground for parasites and other invasive microbes.

At best only 18% of the animal protein consumed is useable by the body. The RDA for protein could easily be acquired from a plant-based diet alone. In fact, our bodies produce protein from the different amino acids and other nutrients provided by a balanced vegan diet.

John Wayne's autopsy revealed about 40 lbs of undigested meat and accumulated fecal matter lodged in his colon. He died of colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death. (American Cancer Society, 2012 Cancer Fact & Figures) His case is not unusual.

For every kilogram of quality animal protein, six kilograms of plant protein must be fed to cattle.

(D.Pimentel, professor of ecology, Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 1997.) 

  1. About 100,000 liters of water is needed to produce one kilogram of beef. Only 900 liters of water is needed for the same amount of wheat. U.S. agriculture uses 87% of all the fresh water.
  2. Fuel consumption energy input to protein output is 54:1 for beef, and just over 3:1 kcal (kilocalories) of fossil fuel for every kcal of grain protein produced. 
  3. Millions of hectares of pasture land are destroyed by herding cattle. 
  4. About 70% of U.S. cropland is used to grow and produce animal food, and 90% of our cropland experiences disturbing amounts of disappearing topsoil. Key areas have lost half their soil in the last 50 years. Soil takes thousands of years to form.

We are running out of fresh clean water and healthy soil. The production of animal food is by far the main cause of these life threatening environmental problems. 

Humans are designed to live over 100 years as active and productive individuals...Yes, there are pockets of people like this today.

The people of Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Icaria, Greece and Seven Day Adventists from Loma Linda, California and others, live well into their hundreds, with mental and physical faculties intact. 

The common threads between these centarians are diet and values:

  1. They eat a plant-based diet, 
  2. Family comes first before all other concerns,
  3. The majority do not smoke or only on occasion in small amounts,
  4. Constant moderate physical activity keeps body fluids moving, weight normal, and also promotes strong muscles and bones,
  5. They actively participate in the community and socialize between all age groups,
  6. They eat legumes (all beans, peas, alfalfa, and clover.)

Your body is not against you. It will do anything to keep you alive and healthy...but it needs your help. 

Your immune system is the most powerful and effective tool ever designed to keep you alive and well. When the digestive system, liver and other organs are functioning normally, your body has the ability to correct areas of inflammation and disease. You will feel lighter, stronger, more alert and have the stamina to accomplish daily tasks.

Our ancient ancestors added meat to their diet to avoid extinction. We must go back to a vegan plant-based diet or be confronted with self-induced extinction. 

This vegan raw and cooked food website will show you how humanity got to the sorry state of health it's in today...but it won't leave you there. It will show you the way out, and back to radiant health and happiness. The information available on this website has been proven beneficial by many thousands and is based on a plant food diet and regular detoxification. 

The sooner we as a species return to a simpler, nature-based lifestyle, cooked and raw food diet, the quicker we will find the healthier low-stress lives we desire. 

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